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A permanent bridge between London and Milan

The Select Milano Committee has been working for a new set of Anglo-Italian relations since January 2013, when British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to call a Leave/Remain referendum in the UK.

In light of the Brexit, Select Milano has developed the idea of launching an economic diplomacy initiative to design a new economic paradigm and a new framework of commercial liaisons between Italy and the United Kingdom, centred around Milan – as the economic capital of Italy – and the City of London – as the governing body of the Square Mile, the preeminent world financial services centre.

Select Milano was established with the purpose of building a permanent bridge between London and Milan and to relocate in Milan those financial markets, which for purely regulatory reasons can no longer be housed in the City of London.

Select Milano aims at promoting the set-up of the business district “Milano.Distretto:Affari” and wants to engage the central and local governments to bring about legislative measures capable to mitigate the country risk. Select Milano invites Italy to work as a system. The city of Milan is credible to be the financial capital of the Eurozone, and a sister financial citadel of the City of London, all at the outcome of a shared agenda with the United Kingdom.


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A programme of strategic measures

Milan: City of the Eurozone

Promote the role of Milan as the financial services centre of the Eurozone, economic hub and commercial bridge with the City of London.

Enhance the Milan Stock Exchange System

Protect the Milan Stock Exchange system, as part of the London Stock Exchange Group.

A trade bureau in the City of London

Establish and run a Milan trade bureau in London.

Milano. Distretto: Affari, a financial citadel

Work towards the establishment of a financial district in Milan formed as an EEIG structure; globalise the Milano brand (Milano.Distretto:Affari); promote the creation of a city marketing agency open to private sector partners.

Update and extend the brain redux law

Update the “brain redux” law, a Government bill offering tax incentives to returning managers and relocating professionals.

A tax free area in the former Expo area

Propose the establishment of tax free area in the former Expo area in Milan.

Tobin Tax and Capital Gain Tax

Amend substantially the Capital Gains tax; abolish the Tobin tax, unless the same is introduced on equal terms in the whole European Union, no member state excluded.

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